TUI Submissions/Policy Developments

The following is a list of downloadable TUI submissions, responses and presentations related to various educational developments of concern or interest to TUI members in recent years.


Submission to Joint Committee on Education and Skills on Recruitment and Retention issues in Teaching

TUI Submission on Continuous Assessment to Oireachtas Committee

TUI response to the call for submissions by the Department of Education and Skills on the topic of out of school education provision


Submission to Department of Education and Skills (DES) on nursing supports in schools for children with complex medical needs (September 2017)

Submission to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education and Skills regarding the Education (Amendment) Bill 2015 and the General Scheme of an Education (Parent and Student Charter) Bill 2016 (March 2017)

Comments on Circular Letter on New Allocation Model (February 2017)



TUI submission on School Uniform Consultation (November 2016)

TUI submission on DCYA strategy (August 2016)

TUI submission on DES strategy (May 2016)

TUI response to Inspectorate Consultation (May 2016)

TUI response to QQI Consultation (January 2016)

Draft response to DES consultation on 'Advancing School Autonomy in Ireland (January 2016)


Response to 'Developing the Statement of Strategy for School Attendance' (August 2015)

Response to consultation on DEIS (May 2015)

Response to Department of Education and Skills (DES) on the coordination of services and future working arrangements between NCSE (including its Inclusion Support Service) and NEPS
(March 2015)

Response to the DES Public Consultation Paper and Questionnaire: The Recognition of Initial Education Programmes in Guidance Counselling
(April 2015)

Response to the Joint Committee on Education and Social Protection - The Role of Special Needs Assistants
(April 2015)


Submission on Wireless Networks in Schools - November 2014

Response to Proposed Teaching Council Strategic Plan 2015-2017 and Draft Regulations 2014 - November 2014

Draft Response to Consultation on Department of Children and Youth Affairs Statement of Strategy 2015-2017 - October 2014

Response to Proposed TUSLA Corporate Plan - September 2014

Submission on proposed amendments and additions to procedures by Inspectorate - September 2014

TUI response to proposed changes in the Allocation Model for Special Needs - September 2014

Submission to DES strategy on foreign languages in education - September 2014

Response to New Digital Strategy for Schools (February 2014)

QQI – TUI Submissions 2013
The Qualifications and Quality Authority commenced a wide-ranging public consultation process during 2013. TUI participated in two national seminars in May and June (Dublin and Cork) and also met officials of the QQI a number of times. The union also prepared written submissions on priority policy developments.

TUI written submissions be accessed here:
Click here for TUI response to QQI Strategy Statement (July 2013)
Click here for TUI response to QQI Policy Development and Green Papers (July 2013)
Click here for TUI response to QQI Green Papers (Sept 2013)

Some policies have been finalised while others remain under consultation and review.
QQI draft documentation and finalised policies are available at

Post-Evaluation Survey
The Inspectorate commenced discussion on a post-evaluation survey to allow teacher give feedback on the WSE process. TUI participated in face-to face discussion with senior personnel in the Inspectorate and submitted written observations. Click here to view.

New Digital Strategy for Schools
Towards the end of 2013 the Minister for Education and Skills launched a public consultation process on a new digital strategy for schools. The draft consultation document is available at . Click here for TUI response



  1. Quality and Quality Assurance Ireland (QQI) Strategy Statement (2014-2016) - Draft Preliminary Observations TUI (July 2013)

  2. Junior Cycle Framework: New Specification for English - TUI Response (September 2013)

  3. Inspections of Schools at High Support Units, Special Care Units and Children Detention Schools – Feedback Form

  4. Draft General Scheme of an Education (Admission to Schools) Bill 2013, TUI Response (November 2013)


  1. Proposed Career Entry Professional Programme - CEPP (May 2012)

  2. School Self-Evaluation - Consultation with Education Partners May-July 2012 (2012)

  3. Childrens First Bill - TUI Observations (June 2012)

  4. Textbook Grants and Book Rental Schemes - TUI Observations (June 2012) 

  5. Submission on ETB Bill to the Oireachtas Education Committee (October 2012)


  1. Draft Policy on the Continuum of Teacher Education-TUI Response (2011)

  2. National Strategy to Improve Literacy & Numeracy- TUI Response (2011)

  3. Incidental School Inspections - ASTI & TUI Joint Response (2011)

  4. School Enrolment Regulatory Framework - TUI response (2011)

  5. Transition to Third Level - TUI response (2011) 


  1. Curriculum Change and Reform (post-primary) -TUI Presentation to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education (2010)

  2. Draft NEPS Guidelines and Resource Pack for Special Needs- TUI Feedback (2010)

  3. Ideas for a new Junior Cycle - TUI Submission (2010)

  4. Recognition of Prior Learning Report by Expert Group on Future Skills - TUI Response (2010)

  5. Whole School Evaluation (Management, Leadership and Learning) - TUI Response (2010)

  6. Post-Primary Curriculum and Participation in Higher Education - TUI Presentation to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Education (2010)


  1. Amalgamation of Qualifications and Quality Assurance Bodies - TUI Submission (2009)

  2. Higher Education Strategy - TUI Submission (2009)

  3. Review of Child Protection Guidelines -Joint ASTI and TUI Submission (2009)


  1. Constitutional Amendment on Children’s' Rights - TUI Comment (2008)

  2. Department of Education and Science Data Strategy 2008-2010 - TUI Submission 2008

  3. Special Needs Assistant Scheme Value for Money and Policy Review - TUI Submission (2008)

  4. Special Schools Classes Research July 2008



  1. Department of Education and Science Strategy Statement 2008-2010 - TUI Submission (2007)

  2. ICT Strategy Group - Joint Submission ASTI, TUI, CESI (2007) 

  3. NCCA Framework for Guidance - TUI Response (2007)

  4. Reasonable Accommodations for State Examinations - TUI Submission 2007

  5. TUI Pre-Budget Submission (2007)


  1. Official Languages Act 2003 and SEC - TUI Response (2006)



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