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Specialist Areas of Education
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Adult Education
There are revised arrangements for the administration of night schools. The previous post of responsibility regime was replaced with the posts of director and assistant director of adult education. The allowance payable are dependent on the number of enrolment hours. The allowance for assistant director will be at assistant principal and special duties teacher level. The revised arrangements are set out in CL 46/00.
Adult Education Organisers
Circular Letter 41/98 implemented revised conditions of service and salary scales for adult education organisers as result of the PCW Agreement.
Adult Literacy Organisers
A structure for the employment of full-time adult literacy organisers is set out in Circular Letter M15/2001 which covers communications, recruitment and pay and conditions.
Education Units Of Prisons
Circular Letter 35/97 implemented a new career management structure for teachers employed by VECs and assigned to the education units of prisons.
Circular Letter 10/98 provided for the conversion of part-time and temporary staff to permanent whole-time teaching posts in VTOS centres. The new management structure for core VTOS is set out in Circular Letter 45/99. Circular Letter 20/2008 sets out the criteria for award of incremental credit for previous teaching service in VTOS centres. Circular Letter 53/2008 outlines the allowances payable to co-ordinators and assistant co-ordinators in core VTOS centres.
Adult Education Guidance Counsellors and Adult Education Guidance Co-ordinators
A structure for the employment of full-time adult education guidance organisers and co-ordinators is set out in Circular Letter 70/04 ,which covers communications, recruitment and pay and conditions.
Community Education Facilitators
A structure for the employment of full-time community education facilitators is set out in Circular Letter 45/02.
Traveller Education Centres
With effect from June 2012, all Senior Traveller Training Centres have been closed and where appropriate staff transferred under the TUI/IVEA transfer agreement.
An Arbitrator’s findings (click here to download) accepted in a member’s ballot provided for an increase in salary for co-ordinators and resource persons. In addition it provides for a degree allowance for co-ordinators and resource persons holding a degree with a lesser amount for those with certain diploma and certificate qualifications. Circular Letter PEN 4/01 provided for the admission of staff in Youthreach Centres to the Education Sector Superannuation Scheme. Qualified part-time teachers in Youthreach are entitled to the same conditions of service as qualified part time teachers in 2nd level schools. Contracts of indefinite duration may be awarded to all categories of staff in Youthreach. See section on Fixed Term Contracts elsewhere in this diary.