Third Level -Appointments



Lecturers who have been appointed to a post which is designated as a PWT, with the approval of the Governing Body of an Institute of Technology and who have satisfied requirements with regard to qualifications and health - their position is permanent and pensionable.

There is an agreed contract for permanent wholetime Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, L1/L2 (appointed pre PCW agreement), Senior Lecturer 1, Senior Lecturer 2, Senior Lecturer 3, temporary wholetime Assistant Lecturer and pro rata Assistant Lecturer grades. The Institute of Technology is the employer. These are set out here, along with the agreed Contract of Indefinite Duration.

Medical Examinations

When first appointed to a post which is pensionable (either part-time or wholetime), a lecturer must furnish a Certificate of Health from a doctor who shall be nominated by the employer.
Agreement has been reached that employers should offer teachers the choice of attending a male or female doctor nominated by the employer.
The employer pays the cost of the medical examination.

Every lecturer appointed for the first time in a permanent capacity is required to serve a probationary period of one year's duration. At the end of this period the teacher's appointment may be confirmed although the probation may be continued for a further period or in exceptional cases the appointment may be terminated with the sanction of the Minister.
At 3rd level for a TWT and part-time one year contract posts, a probationary period of at least four months will normally apply.

Job Security
A lecturer’s job is secure provided the post is sanctioned as a permanent wholetime position. Lecturers may be suspended from office by the Minister or Governing Body of an Institute of Technology where either party is of the view than unfitness for office exists. Such unfitness is determined following an inquiry. Removal from office only occurs where it is established that unfitness for office exists or that the teacher has failed to perform satisfactorily the duties of such office. Sections 11 (9) and Sections 12 (9) of the RTC Act 1992 and of the DIT Act 1992 respectively, apply the provisions of the 1944 Amendment Act Amendment Act to members at third level who were appointed before the enactment of the Institutes of Technology Act 2006. The provisions of that act in respect of removal from office apply to lecturers appointed since enactment. Lecturers should be paid while on suspension.
Lecturers in Institutes of Technology are protected by the Unfair Dismissals Act. Therefore any dismissal or non reappointment to a contract post after the expiry of the contract, provided service exceeds one year, will be capable of challenge under this Act. Cases can be taken to the Employment Appeals Tribunal or a Rights Commissioner within six months of the dismissal. All such cases must be taken through Head Office if the support of the Union is sought.