Employee Assistance Service


The Spectrum.Life team is always there to chat and provide immediate support for multiple concerns and difficulties. 

Our counsellors, in the form of Case Managers, provide 24/7 in the moment clinical support, 365 days a year. The support provided to you is tailored to care for your specific wellbeing needs.  

If you are experiencing a crisis or just want someone to talk to, you can access the EAS at any time to speak freely with a Case Manager and they will provide clinical support and guidance to you. 

You are free to access this type of support an unlimited number of times. Referral to scheduled sessions of counselling may be made where it is clinically appropriate to do so. 

Whatever is on your mind, contact Spectrum.Life free and confidentially on: 

•          Freephone: 1800 411057  

•          WhatsApp: Text ‘Hi’ to  087 369 0010  

•          SMS: Text ‘Hi’ to  087 145 2056 

•          Email: eap@spectrum.life  

•          Live chat with our Case Managers via your wellbeing portal and phone app (see below) 

Via your Wellbeing Portal you can access a range of resources such as: 

•          Digital Gym with up to 5 streamed exercise classes per day, with recordings of classes 

•          Live Series wellbeing seminars streamed every Wednesday, with recordings available 

•          Up to 40 guided meditation recordings via our Be Calm feature 

•          250+ healthy food recipes 

•          Multi-stage pathways on sleep, anxiety, depression, financial wellbeing etc. 

•          Health and wellbeing product discounts 

•          Sign Up! Go to wellbeingtogether.spectrum.life and use the unique organisation code, ylVIIU17 to register. 

•          Go to  wellbeingtogether.spectrum.life to sign in anytime thereafter. 

•          Download the Spectrum.Life phone app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

If a member experiences a difficulty in accessing Spectrum.Life’s service, it is advisable to bring the matter to the attention of the TUI as quickly as possible