Personal Cases

Among the services the Union offers to its members is that of dealing with "Personal Cases".  If you have a problem relating to your conditions of service, sanction for permanent appointment, incremental credit, allowances, etc., you should use the following procedure: 

1.         The problem should be raised through your School or Branch Representatives with the VEC or Board of Management.  If the VEC or Board accept the Union's representations but requires sanction from the Department of Education then:- 

2.        The VEC or Board of Management should submit a proposal to the Department of Education for sanction.  If the VEC or Board of Management refuse to submit a proposal, or if the sanction is either not forthcoming or is refused by the Department, you should inform the Branch Secretary who will bring the matter to the attention of Head Office. 

3.         In the case of a refusal from the Department, the Committee or Board must be asked to appeal the Department's decision and if possible set out supporting argument for the appeal. 

4.         The Union operates 'clinics' on a regular basis with officials of the Department to deal with personal cases which have been processed as above. When contacting the Union with your case it is vital that all relevant information and copies of all relevant documents should be enclosed in order that representations on the teacher's behalf may have the greatest chance of success.   

Failure to receive sanction at this stage will normally end representations from the Union.  However, if the decision to refuse sanction by the Principal Officer of the Department is one that the Executive cannot accept, one final appeal may be made to the appropriate Assistant Secretary, or to the Secretary of the Department. 

Personal cases in the Institutes of Technology are dealt with by the Branch directly with the Institute with assistance from the Area Representative or Head Office as appropriate.

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