Teaching Council

The Teaching Council is the professional body for teaching in Ireland. It was established on a statutory basis in March 2006 to promote teaching as a profession at Primary and Post-Primary levels; to promote the professional development of teachers; and to regulate standards in our profession.
The Teaching Council's functions include the following:

  • To promote teaching as a profession
  • To promote the continuing professional development of teachers
  • To establish and maintain a register of teachers
  • To establish, publish, review and maintain Codes of Professional Conduct for Teachers. These include standards of teaching knowledge, skill and competence
  • To regulate the teaching profession

Click here to download a leaflet which gives an overview of the functions of the Teaching Council.

The Teaching Council's website is accessible from www.teachingcouncil.ie
Codes of Professional Conduct
When the first Codes of Professional Conduct were published by the Teaching Council in 2007, the Council committed to reviewing them within a period of three to four years. A revised edition has now been drafted. See existing Codes, new draft Codes and TUI's response to the new draft Codes below.

Teaching Council's Codes of Professional Conduct (2007)

Draft Codes of Professional Conduct (October 2011)

TUI response to Draft Codes of Professional Conduct (January 2012) 

Teacher Induction/Education
Click here for information on the Career Entry Professional Programme, the the Continuum of Teacher Education and Initial Teacher Education.

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