Legal Advice

A scheme of legal advice for members is provided by the Union as follows:

On matters affecting members in their employment.

1.      The Union will provide advice and assistance to individual members on matters affecting them in their employment, or in regard to their membership of TUI.   Normally members' problems will be dealt with by the Union itself.  Where deemed necessary by the Executive Committee preliminary legal advice will be obtained provided the members in question has not already retained his or her own legal adviser.

2.     Further legal assistance beyond initial advice may be provided by the Union at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee.   Where the Executive Committee agrees to provide further legal assistance they will do so only on the basis that they receive appropriate written authority from the member in question to engage legal representation on his or her behalf and the Executive Committee shall have sole discretion as to the level and degree of legal assistance which shall be given to any member.

Under no circumstances will the Union be responsible for legal or other expenses incurred by a member without the prior written consent of the Union and then only to the extent authorised in writing by the Union.

On matters other than those arising from employment as a teacher or concerning their membership of TUI.

A separate scheme of first instance legal advice is available free of charge to in-benefit members.  The member shall forward a covering letter to the General Secretary with the material for the solicitor in a separate envelope.  The sealed envelope will be transmitted to our solicitors who will reply privately to the member concerned.   Letters which arise from employment as a teacher or on issues concerning their membership of TUI should be sent as indicated in (1) above.

Failure to comply with this procedure entails delay for the member concerned.

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