Junior Cycle Reform

In September 2015, TUI members voted by a margin of 69% to 31% to accept negotiated Junior Cycle proposals.
The negotiated document which members were balloted on provides for reinstatement of a fully externally assessed, state certified Junior Certficate examination.

In addition, 'professional time' is provided - within timetable - for Junior Cycle teachers (From 2017/18, each full-time teacher will have a class-contact time reduction of 40 minutes per week).
Therefore, TUI's key objectives were attained.

Important documentation:
Click to view Circular Letter 0079/2018, Arrangements for the Implementation of the Framework for Junior Cycle with particular reference to school year 2018/19 (Please note: This issued in November 2018 and supersedes Circular Letters 15/2017, 29/2017 and  24/2016)
Download a letter from TUI Head Office that clarifies some common misconceptions about Junior Cycle reform (November 2016)

Click here to download a poster outlining, in brief, the key achievements of the union's successful Junior Cycle campaign.
Click here to view a letter from TUI Head Office to Branch Officers and Workplace Representatives on Junior Cycle Implementation (September 2016)
Documents on which TUI members were balloted:
Click here to view Appendix to Joint Statement on Principles and Implementation: Professional Time to Support Implementation.

Click here to view Junior Cycle Reform: Joint Statement on Principles and Implementation.