PLC Colleges - Supervision & Substitution


Supervision and Substitution – post Haddington Road Agreement

Prior to July 1st 2013, the S&S scheme was optional and attracted a pensionable payment. As a result of the Haddington Road Agreement, all teachers must participate in the S&S scheme (except for those who were eligible to, and chose to, opt out by February 28, 2014 or under Circular Letters 41/2017 or 47/2017) and the duties attract no additional payment.
In recognition of the loss of the S&S pensionable allowance, a gross payment of €1,592 will be applied to the incremental scale for teachers. This was applied in two equal moieties: €796 on September 1st 2016 and €796 on September 1st 2017. Because these moieties are applied to each point of the incremental
scale, they are pensionable.

Teachers’ S&S commitment

  • Teachers are required to provide 43 hours supervision and substitution per annum (pro rata for job-sharing and part-time teachers)
  • The maximum time that can be assigned to supervision and substitution per teacher each week is 3 hours. Of this, 1.5 hours must be used for substitution duties and the other 1.5 hours must be used for both substitution and supervision duties
  • Each teacher on full hours is to be available for five timetabled class periods per week. Those on less than full hours are required to deliver supervision and substitution on a pro-rata basis. Teachers working up to and including 12 class contact hours per week must be available for 3 class periods; Teachers working more than 12 and up to and including 17 hours class contact per week must be available for 4 class periods; Teachers working more than 17 hours class contact per week must be available for 5 class periods.

See Circular Letter 6/2014 for full details.


Following a commitment given as part of the Haddington Road talks, theTUI/ASTI, management bodies and the Department agreed to new procedures for the drafting of the S&S substitution rosters.

Full details are set out in Circular Letter 42/2014.