Common Basic Scale post 1/1/11

Revised salary scale for teachers who entered the profession since 1/1/11. 

This includes the full value of the Honours Primary Degree Allowance and a 2% increase to all points effective from 1/10/20.

*Effective from 1st March 2019, scale points 4 and 8 have been removed from post-1st January 2011 ‘new entrant’ scales. The measure means that new and recent entrants will ‘jump’ these points and progress up the scale quicker. The implications of the measure vary, depending on career stage of a member. Circular 22/2019 outlines the measure. Click here for a document prepared by TUI Head Office with more detail on the financial implications for those members who will benefit.

1 €37,692
2 €39,235
3 €40,996
4 €41,800  *
5 €42,932
6 €44,299
7 €45,834
8 €47,380- *
9 €48,671
10 €50,977
11 €52,410
12 €54,123
13 €55,828
14 €57,546
15 €58,981
16 €60,882
17 €60,882
18 €60,882
19 €63,504
20 €63,504
21 €63,504
22 €63,504
23 €66,968
24 €66,968
25 €66,968
26 €66,968
27 €70,795

Part Time Hourly Rates

Please note that 12% of the applicable rates will be removed to represent statutory annual leave entitlement of 4 weeks per year. Teachers will then be paid during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. Overall remuneration will not change.

Qualified casual hourly rate €41.37 + €5.64 (Rate + value of accumulated leave)
Unqualified hourly rate €36.71 + €5.01 (Rate + value of accumulated leave)

Academic Allowances for those who entered teaching between 1/1/11 and 31/1/12

The revised salary scale above includes the Honours Primary Degree allowance. Accordingly, payment of the Honours Primary Degree allowance, Pass Primary Degree allowance and Pass Masters Degree allowance cease for post 1/1/11 entrants from 1/1/18.

The value of the Honours Masters Degree allowance and Doctorate Degree allowance will reduce to reflect the incorporation of the Honours Primary Degree allowance into scale.

Teachers who commenced between 1/1/11 and 31/1/12 and who are currently entitled to qualification allowances above that of Honours Primary Degree allowance level (€4,918) will continue to receive those allowances.

Either of the allowances (a) or (b) may be held together with any one of the allowances (c) to (g).

(a) (i)H. Dip in Ed. (Pass)                                        
    (ii)Higher Froebel Certificate
(b)(i)H.Dip in Ed. (1st or 2nd Hons)                       
    (ii)Ard Teastas Gaeilge   
(c) Primary Degree (Pass)  (Now incorporated into scale)        
(d) Masters Degree by thesis or exam (Pass) (Now incorporated into scale)
(e) Primary Degree (1st, 2nd or 3rd Hons) (Now incorporated into scale)
(f) Master Degree (1st or 2nd Hons)    €608
(g) Doctors Degree             €1,286

Other Allowances

(i) Teaching through Irish €1,666
(ii) Gaeltacht Grant €3,224
(iii) Island Allowance €1,939
(iv) Allowance for Diploma for Teachers of Deaf Children
     Allowance for Diploma for Teachers of Blind Children
     Allowance for Diploma for Teachers of Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children
(v) Special Allowances payable to teachers appointed before 1/1/1987 in Comprehensive Schools €2,601
(vi) Allowance for teachers with 35 years service (long service allowance - payable after 10 years completed on the maximum point of the salary scale) €2,446

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