Third Level - Adoptive Leave

Adoptive mothers and sole male adopters are entitled to 24 weeks paid leave and 16 weeks unpaid leave following the adoption and may take holiday leave which overlaps with adoptive leave to a maximum of 27 working days. Other regular part-time lecturers may be entitled to unpaid adoptive leave, under legislation effective since 1991.
Additional Adoptive Leave
At the end of the paid 24 weeks adoptive leave a lecturer will have the option of taking
(a) up to 16 consecutive weeks additional unpaid adoptive leave, or
(b) non-statutory leave of absence, without pay, to the end of the academic year (31st August), subject to the discretion of the managerial authority concerned.

In the event of the illness of the adopting mother / male sole adopter the employer may agree to terminate unpaid additional adoptive leave thereby allowing her / him to transfer on to paid sick leave.