Salary Scales

Salary Scales

At present, members of the TUI are deemed to be ‘covered’ by the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) (i.e. not to have repudiated it). Remaining increases under this Agreement are:

  • 1% on 1st October 2018
  • 1.75% on 1st September 2019
  • 2% on 1st October 2020

Under the Public Service Pay and Pensions Act 2017, for members of a union who are deemed to not to be covered by the PSSA, each of the pay increases above would be subject to a nine-month delay. An increment freeze would also apply.

TUI is engaged, along with the other public service unions, in talks with the Government to address the remaining pay discrimination suffered by those employed after 1/1/2011.


TUI continues to vigorously pursue the restoration of a common pay scale for all teachers.

Click here if you entered the profession before 1/1/11

Click here if you entered the profession after 1/1/11 

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