Second Level - Agreements


Contracts for teachers working in ETBs
The contract specifies the nature of the post, salary, duties, notice of termination and must be signed by the teacher and Chief Executive. Only the agreed contract/s derived from Memo V7 (Click here to download Memo V7) should be signed by teachers employed by ETBs. The agreed fixed term contract is appended to Circular Letter 20/03 and the agreed contract of indefinite duration is appended to both Circular Letter 10/06 and Circular Letter 24/15. The employer of teachers in a vocational school or community college is the Education and Training Board.

Contracts for teachers working Community & Comprehensive and Voluntary Secondary Schools
There is no agreed contract for permanent wholetime appointments in the Community & Comprehensive or Voluntary Secondary sectors. The agreed contract of indefinite duration for both sectors is appended to Circular Letter 24/15. The agreed fixed term contract is appended to Circular Letter 19/03. In a Community or Comprehensive school, the Board of Management is the employer

Grievance Procedures

Grievance Procedure for Staff employed by Education and Training Boards (ETBs) – Amended 1 July 2013 in line with the provisions of the Education and Training Boards Act, 2013(Revised for application on 15 February 2016)

Revised Memorandum of Understanding to Support the Operation of the Nationally Agreed Grievance Procedure for Staff employed by Education And Training Boards – Application Date: 15 February 2016

Revised Grievance Procedure for Community & Comprehensive Schools (2013)

Codes of Practice

Bullying Prevention Policy and Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention Policies amended with respect to complaints received after 1 September 2016.

Bullying Prevention Policy (effective from 1/9/16)
Bullying Prevention Policy guidance notes

Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy (effective from 1/9/16)
Harassment/Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy guidance notes

Third Party Parental Complaints

Code of Practice for dealing with Complaints made by Parent/s, Guardian/s of a Student or by a Student (who has reached the age of eighteen) currently enrolled in a school/centre, against a Staff Member employed by Education and Training Board (ETB)

Codes of Practice for Dealing with Complaints in Community and Comprehensive Schools
Produced by TUI, ACCS and ASTI

Disciplinary Procedures

Revised Procedures for Suspension and Dismissal of Teachers - Circular letter 59/09

Flow chart - Procedures relating to professional competence issues (VEC sector)

Flow chart -Disciplinary procedures for teachers (C&C sector)

Other Agreements

IVEA/TUI Agreement on Teacher Transfers
Joint ASTI TUI Agreement regarding election of Teacher Representatives on Board of Management in Community Schools
Community School Deed of Trust - Amalgamated School
Community School Deed of Trust - Greenfield School
Panel for Temporary Wholetime Teachers - 1991 Agreement
Redeployment Agreement 2007

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