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Posts of Responsibility

As a result of the DES/TUI Agreement, May 2016, Circular Letter 03/2018, which provided for the commencement of restoration of posts, was published. Click here for an FAQ document on this circular letter.

Posts of responsibility have been renamed - Assistant Principal posts are now Assistnat Principal I posts, while Special Duties Teacher posts are now Assistant Principal II posts.

TUI continues to campaign vigorously with the other teacher unions to have full restoration of posts of responsibility.

Directive – Posts of Responsibility

The context for this directive is the correct implementation of CL 03/2018 which includes a requirement that that the agreed duties of a post of responsibility should be commensurate with the level of  that  Post – that is Assistant Principal I or Assistant Principal II.

Where a post of responsibility (POR) is vacant, or roles and responsibilities as per the agreed schedule of posts arise for any reason or the unmet needs of the school as listed by agreement are to be carried out by any staff member, then:

  • The post/roles/responsibilities/unmet needs should only be carried out by the appointment of a teacher to a PORs in accordance with the normal appointment procedure and the approved allocation of POR to the school as per CL 003/2018
  • A teacher who is not in receipt of the appropriate POR allowance in accordance with normal procedure as per 003/2018 and who is not afforded the time remission appropriate to the post should not carry out the roles and responsibilities as per the schedule of posts nor the unmet needs of the school as published.

Roles and responsibilities as per the schedule of posts or agreed unmet needs will not be carried out by:

  • An unpromoted teacher or Assistant Principal II (APII) in receipt of a timetable remission granted to carry out any listed functions
  • An unpromoted teacher in receipt of a timetable remission to carry out roles and responsibilities that should be carried out by an API or APII
  • Any teacher carrying out roles and responsibilities as per the schedule of posts or agreed needs who does not hold a recognised post of responsibility or is in receipt of payment other than the appropriate payment for the post.

All members, including principal teachers, deputy principals, post-holders and teachers are directed not to engage in or facilitate or organise any breach of this directive.



Candidates for the post of principal and deputy principal will be required to have a minimum of five years’ whole time teaching service or its equivalent. In the case of Assistant Principal I (formerly assistant principal) and Assistant Principal II (formerly special duties teacher) posts, all qualified teachers with a minimum of three years’ and one year’s whole-time teaching service respectively or its equivalent, are eligible to apply. Applications for posts of responsibility should be sought from eligible teachers within the school concerned. Teachers who are on career breaks or on other approved absences or job sharing are entitled to be notified of vacancies. Notice of the vacant post shall be posted in the school for a period of not less than 5 school days.

You should apply, when posts are advertised, to the CE or Secretary of the Board of Management, giving details of your experience and qualifications for the post.

Procedures for appointment to posts of responsibility (Assistant Principal I/Assistant Principal II)

Circular letter 3/2018 outlines the latest promotion and appeal procedures for appointment to Assistant Principal I (formerly Assistant Principal), Assistant Principal II (formerly Special Duties Teacher) posts and Programme Co-ordinator posts.

Acting Posts of Responsibility


Prior to completion of the review of allowances by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in September 2012 and the subsequent decision of government to apply unilateral changes in respect of certain allowances, the position was that for a continuous period of one month or longer (excluding summer vacation) a teacher qualified for payment of a gratuity equal to the difference between any responsibility allowance he/she may have and the allowance for the post in which he/she was acting.

An acting postholder who held the post for in excess of 5 consecutive years retained the acting up allowance on a personal basis.

Assistant Principal I and II positions

Where a school does not have post holder(s) in excess of the thresholds set out in Circular Letter 3/2018 and an actual post holder is absent on approved paid or unpaid leave for a minimum period of 84 consecutive days, a teacher who carries out the role of Assistant Principal while the actual post holder is absent may be paid the appropriate allowance subject to certain conditions (see CL 3/2018)

Subject to the actual post holder being absent for a minimum period of 84 consecutive days, payment will be made retrospectively.  In the case of an acting appointee replacing a teacher on sick leave, the allowance will be paid on a fortnightly/ monthly basis provided medical certification of absence in respect of the actual post holder has been recorded on the OLCS system/relevant ETB system.

Applications for payment under the terms of this Circular should be submitted on the appropriate form to the Department’s Payroll Section/ ETB.

Retention of an acting-up allowance by an acting post holder (in respect of a permanent post of responsibility) is permitted where he/she has carried out the role for a period in excess of 5 consecutive school years. Where an acting Assistant Principal post is held for a period in excess of 5 consecutive school years, the acting-up allowance may be retained on a personal basis subject to the discharge of appropriate roles and responsibilities. The Assistant Principal post retained on a personal basis must be counted when calculating the threshold of Assistant Principal posts. An acting appointment for a 5 year career break is excluded. In reference to the Job Sharing Scheme, the acting post holder does not establish personal entitlement to the allowance and relinquishes same when the job sharer resumes full time duties.