Second Level - Parental Leave

Parental Leave/Force Majeure Leave

Parental leave is a period of unpaid leave available to teachers for the purpose of the care of children.

Workers are entitled to 18 weeks parental leave in respect of each child up to the age of 13 years or the age of 16 years in the case of a child with a disability and/or long-term illness. This is an increase from 14 weeks which was previously applicable. 

Please note, teachers who have taken 14 weeks previously may now apply for an additional 4 weeks provided they still meet the entitlement criteria. A teacher may avail of parental leave in blocks of at least 1 week up to a maximum of 18 weeks. Please note each period of parental leave must be a minimum duration of 7 consecutive days including weekends, school closures and days on which a teacher is not timetabled for attendance occurring within that period. Six weeks advance notice must be given. See Terms & Conditions of Employment for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools (Department of Education and Skills - June 2017). The section on the Parental Leave Scheme begins on p. 64 of the document.

At third level parental leave may be taken in a manner agreed with the employer.

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