NCCA Course Committees/Boards of Studies

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) was established under the Education Act, 1989. Under Section 41 of the Act, the object of the Council shall be to advise the Minister on matters relating to:

(a) the curriculum for early childhood, primary and post-primary schools
(b) the assessment procedures employed in schools and examinations on subjects which are part of the curriculum.

The NCCA is funded by the Department of Education and Skills and is representative of the partners in education and other bodies, including the Department of Education and Science, State Examinations Commission, TUI, ASTI and INTO, school managerial bodies, parent organisations, subject associations and higher education interests. Because the Council is representative of the partners, its work is conducted in structures based on consultation, consensus and collective responsibility.

The role of the Council of the NCCA is to approve of all syllabuses, curriculum documents and teacher guidelines; to approve of policy directions and strategies; and to be responsible for the overall governance of the NCCA.

In addition to the Council of the NCCA, the work of the Council is conducted through Course Committees and Boards of Studies. The Committees focus on the review of syllabus, assessment and examinations for Junior and Senior Cycle subjects, while the Boards of Studies of Studies focus on similar work for cognate groups of subjects at Senior Cycle.

The NCCA website – – provides detailed information on the work of the Council.

TUI involvement in the NCCA and its sub structures

This section provides forms and background information for those TUI members on course committees.

Course Committee Downloads:

Vacancies on NCCA Committees

Each year vacancies arise on NCCA Committees - junior cycle, senior cycle, board of studies or special purpose committees. Participation on NCCA committees provides a valuable opportunity for practising teachers and the teacher unions to influence developments in curriculum, syllabi and related assessment procedures and strategies. It is very important that TUI has its full number of representatives on each committee (usually two).  View the attachments which includes letter to schools and centres, current vacancies, guidelines for nominees and nomination form and current nominees. If you are interested in becoming involved with the NCCA contact your local branch for their support.

Revised NCCA Nominations application form and contract - December 2020