TUI proud to support Raise The Roof demonstration - Budget must ensure provision of social and affordable housing

By piofficer 03 Oct 2018 | 0 comments
TUI is gravely concerned by the failure to address the housing crisis. Government must, as a matter of extreme urgency, invest in and implement an extensive programme for the provision of social and affordable housing. The ideologically blinkered approach of looking to the private sector is exacerbating the crisis. Therefore, rather than relying excessively on a self-interested private sector – an approach that has manifestly failed - government must re-instate the local authorities as providers of such housing and provide the necessary funding.  

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Circular letter outlines new breastfeeding entitlements

By piofficer 21 Sep 2018 | 0 comments
Breastfeeding breaks have been extended from 26 weeks to up to 104 weeks after the birth of a child. A teacher is entitled to an hour a day of breastfeeding breaks to be taken as one 60 minute break, two 30 minute breaks or three 20 minute breaks. Full details are set out in Circular 0060/2018.

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