Minister’s decision on Munster TU application – industrial relations matters must be addressed as a matter of urgency

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The decision of the Minister for Education and Skills to grant Technological University Status to the TU Consortium made up of Cork Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Tralee has both regional and national implications   The members of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) in Cork Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology Tralee have been central to the development of a model of higher education provision that will work best for students and the broader community that they serve.   However, as the Minister notes, there remains a range of industrial relations matters that require resolution. He states that particular focus should be maintained in ‘further engagement with staff representatives to resolve outstanding industrial relations issues before the appointed day of establishment.’   These matters must now be addressed as a matter of urgency. The TUI stands ready to engage with management of the Institutes to negotiate resolutions that honour the Memorandum of Understanding agreed between the Union and the Institutes. It would seem entirely reasonable to expect a similar level of commitment by the two Institutes.  

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TUI News magazine May/June 2020

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Click here to download the latest TUI News magazine, which has a strong focus on the various implications of the current health emergency. This issue of the magazine is only issuing in electronic format.

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Droichead Interim Measures 2019/2020 (Covid 19)

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Due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the unprecedented situation of school closures, the Teaching Council has reviewed its position in relation to newly qualified teachers (NQTs) engaging in Droichead in 2019/2020 in collaboration with their Profession Support Team (PST) members. Additional flexibility is being introduced to support NQTs and PSTs in completing the process.

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Additional advice for members re Calculated Grades

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As you know, the TUI and ASTI are currently engaged in intensive discussions with the Department of Education and Skills, the State Examinations Commission and the national management bodies regarding implementation of the system of Calculated Grades for final year Leaving Certificate students (LCE, LCVP and LCA).

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