‘Health and safety must remain the key priority’ - Initial TUI reaction to guidance on return to post-primary schools

By piofficer 27 Jul 2020 | 0 comments
Responding to the publication by Government of Reopening Our Schools: The Roadmap for The Full Return to School (click here to access full documentation), the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has said that health and safety must remain the key priority and that additional resources should be made immediately available if the initial budget does not prove sufficient.    The Union has also said that it expects ongoing and intensive engagement with the Department to address arising issues and matters that have yet to be finalised.    Comments from TUI President Martin Marjoram:   ‘As extensive as today’s documentation is, it still cannot cover every eventuality and any arising issues must be addressed by the Department as soon as they are identified. This will be a massively complex operation and we will insist that schools and teachers be provided with every support and safeguard that is required.    Physical distancing has been identified by the public health authorities as being absolutely critical in ensuring health and safety in workplaces, and whatever resources are required to ensure adherence to this must be provided. Should the initial budget set out today not be sufficient in this regard, additional resources must immediately be made available if and when required.  

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