Circular letters on COVID-19-related working arrangements  

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Circular 39 of 2022 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Updated Working Arrangements For Staff Other Than Teachers and Special Needs Assistants employed in Education and Training Boards is now live.  Click here to download    Circular 40 of 2022 COVID-19: Working Arrangements for Certain Higher Risk employees of Recognised Primary and Post Primary schools in the Free Education Scheme and of ETBs, Employed Using Grant Funding for the 2022/23 school year is published.  Click here to download   

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TUI reiterates its insistence on State certification and external assessment for all components of Senior Cycle 

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Responding to today’s publication of the Senior Cycle Review Advisory Report, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has said that there is a lack of realisation of the capability of the system to deliver Senior Cycle reform given the teacher recruitment and retention crisis and the shameful underinvestment in education over many years.   The union has said that it will continue to engage in a meaningful, professional way with the review process in the hope that necessary clarifications will be brought forward.     The union has also stated that any changes to the current model must be educationally sound, must retain the public’s high level of trust and must not add to the workload of teachers.   

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