Junior Cycle English Review 2017 - Update

By piofficer 21 Nov 2017 | 0 comments
Junior Cycle English was the first subject to change within the new Junior Cycle. As each subject is completed by one full cohort of students, an interim review of the subject specification and related assessments will be carried out by the NCCA.

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Initial meeting regarding new entrant pay issues

By piofficer 12 Oct 2017 | 0 comments
The TUI was today represented at an initial meeting regarding the review of new entrant pay issues. INTO and ASTI also attended along with other public sector unions. It was agreed at the meeting that detailed, updated data is required to inform the process. Updates will be provided in due course.

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Institute of Technology lecturers protest over funding crisis

By piofficer 26 Sep 2017 | 0 comments
As you are aware Congress 2017 passed an emergency motion against the underfunding of the institute of technology sector. As part of the union’s campaign against the underfunding of the sector a series of lunchtime protests are arranged for Wednesday the 27th September outside of all institutes of technology at lunchtime for 30 minutes. TUI institute of technology branches are requested to organise small protests outside each campus during the lunchtime break period. Please note these are public protests and not industrial action. The small group of protesters should not block any entrance or exit and not impede other staff or students from carrying out normal work and studies. Only TUI members who are on are a break period may participate. The purpose of the protests to is highlight the underfunding crisis in the institute of technology sector. In addition, protests will be arranged for outside the Higher Education Authority building at 14:00 and outside the Dáil (Kildare Street entrance) at 15:30.

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