Upcoming TUI Strike (Tuesday, 4th February) - Frequently Asked Questions UPDATED

By piofficer 30 Jan 2020 | 0 comments
As you are aware, TUI members will take strike action on Tuesday, 4th February over the ongoing failure to eliminate the injustice of pay discrimination. Click here to download a document answering frequently asked questions in relation to this strike action.NEW: Click here to download a document answering additional frequently asked questions in relation to this strike action.

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‘Four in five schools have had no application for an advertised post’ - Survey findings confirm worsening teacher supply crisis

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A new survey of over 130 second level schools illustrates worsening teacher recruitment and retention difficulties across the country. The poll of over a sixth of the total number of the country’s second level schools was carried out in December 2019 and January 2020 by the Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Association of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI).

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The future of special classes and special schools

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As members will be aware, the NCSE is forumlating policy advice for the Minister of Education and Skills on the future of special classes and special schools.  The TUI has made a submission outlining our position and highlighting that provision of special schools and special classes should continue to exist until a viable, and fully resourced, alternative can be provided. 

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Third Level Ballot on Online and Digital Learning

By piofficer 12 Dec 2019 | 0 comments
Third Level members of the Teachers' Union of Ireland have voted overwhelmingly (92.69%) in favour of industrial action over the refusal of the Official Side to concede TUI’s claim to secure a national agreement on the development and delivery of online and digital learning in Institutes of Technology and TU Dublin.

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