2% pay increase from 1st March 2023

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As part of the WRC proposal arising from the review of the Building Momentum agreement which was accepted by members in a national ballot in September 2022, all grades represented by TUI will receive a 2% pay increase with effect from 1st March 2023. 

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Joint TUI/ASTI statement – Meaningful engagement required on Senior Cycle change

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The TUI and the ASTI note media reports this morning suggesting that proposed plans for students to sit Leaving Certificate Paper 1 in both English and Irish at the end of fifth year will not proceed for the student cohort of 2024. This is a welcome development, as we had stated at all times that this was an educationally regressive move that would have increased pressure on students, who would have faced a high stakes examination in both fifth and sixth year. To make matters worse, those who entered fifth year directly from third year – around 25% of the cohort – would have had three concurrent years of State examinations under the plan.    Teachers are always in favour of positive, coherently-devised change that enhances the education service. However, a clear educational basis for this proposal was never presented. 

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TUI raises key issues at Oireachtas discussion on North South Enrolment in Tertiary Education

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At an Oireachtas discussion on North South Enrolment in Tertiary Education yesterday (Tuesday, 14th February), the TUI noted the lack of progress on an Organisation and Design for ETBs and the concern that after almost 10 years we still have no agreement on a staffing structure for ETBs. Such a structure is required for implementation of the current SOLAS FET strategy. 

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Teacher and student representatives express serious concern at plan for students to sit Leaving Certificate examination papers at end of fifth year  

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Both the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) and the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) have expressed serious concerns about the Minister for Education’s stated intention that students would sit Paper One of the terminal Leaving Certificate examinations in both English and Irish at the end of fifth year. The measure would commence for students entering fifth year in September 2023.  

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