'Precarious employment status driving graduates away from teaching’ – TUI

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The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has said that Budget 2024 must provide the required resources to tackle the teacher recruitment and retention crisis in second level by increasing teaching allocations to schools allowing schools to recruit teachers on a full-time basis and fully restoring posts of responsibility.      The Union has also said that in advance of this, the Department of Education must immediately announce that it will allow schools to employ teachers on a permanent basis after the traditional cut-off point of the end of October and that it should do everything in its power to ensure that Irish teachers living in other jurisdictions who wish to return home do not face bureaucratic delays in registration.    

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Pride 2023 - join us this Saturday!

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The TUI will once again be represented at the Dublin Pride March and Parade this Saturday, 24th June.  Please join us outside the Teachers’ Club on Parnell Sq, assembling from 11.30am - keep an eye out for the TUI banners.   Looking forward to seeing you!   

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Best wishes to ‘resilient’ class of 2023 – TUI 

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The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has wished all students the best of luck ahead of this year’s State examinations.  TUI represents 20,500 teachers and lecturers in second level, adult/further education and at third level  ‘State examinations are of course important, but students should remember that they are not defined by any set of examination results and there has never been a wider range of alternative routes to reach their career of choice,’ TUI President Liz Farrell said.    Further comments from Liz Farrell below:   Students will be better prepared than they think   ‘Students will have worked hard and will inevitably find that they are better prepared than they might think. Of course, common sense is critically important – students should take care of themselves. They should make sure to eat properly, sleep properly and take regular exercise and breaks from their studies.’    ‘Students should take comfort in the fact that there has never been a wider range of alternative routes they can take to reach their career of choice.’   Resilience of the class of 2023 – special measures welcome   ‘We must acknowledge that the class of 2023 has progressed through an extremely challenging period due to the effects of COVID-19. As a result, the TUI advocated for and secured adjustments to this year’s examinations to take account of the disruption to teaching and learning. Students should be proud of the resilience that they have displayed to date.’    ‘In this regard, we welcomed the recent announcement by the Minister for Education in relation to similar adjustments to assessment arrangements for students due to sit State examinations in 2024.’  ‘We also welcome the provision of a deferred sitting for those candidates who have suffered a bereavement or major illness or injury.  This is a critically important and progressive measure.’   Mature students and those who only acquired English recently   ‘Many students sitting the examinations may only have acquired English recently and deserve special credit, and we pay particular tribute to mature students who took the brave decision to return to education.’  The support of parents, guardians and teachers     ‘The support of parents and guardians should not be forgotten, nor should the dedication of teachers in ensuring that all students get a fair opportunity to realise their own particular academic potential.’    Public trust in the State examinations must be maintained    ‘TUI welcomed many elements of last year’s announcement in relation to Senior Cycle reform, but State certification and external assessment must be retained. The shelving of a flawed plan for students to sit Paper 1 of English and Irish in fifth year was a positive development, but real and ongoing engagement with unions is now required to ensure fairness for all students.’ 

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Don’t miss out on TUI’s accredited course in Trade Union Studies for 2023/24

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Since 2019, the TUI has run online courses for Union representatives in collaboration with the City of Glasgow College Trade Union Centre. The venture has been a great success, with four cohorts -  100 members in total - having completed the course, which addresses key topics such as the role of representatives, how to access resources and how to deal with disciplinary and grievance procedures. 

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