Teacher Fee Refund Scheme 2019

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The Teacher Fee Refund Scheme provides funding to teachers towards the cost of in-career development courses and related exam fees.  Payment is conditional on successful completion of such courses which would be approved by the Department and school authorities. Application forms available in Circular Letter 0003/2020. Applications close 24th April 2020.

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Contingency Assessment Arrangements in FET - Agreed National Approach

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By email - on Friday 27th March, Tuesday 31st March and Thursday 2nd April – the TUI provided updates to members in relation to our engagement with ETBI about contingency assessment arrangements in Further Education in the context of the Covid-19 public health emergency. We are now in a position to advise that, following this engagement and having regard to matters raised by the Union,  the ETBI today issued a document setting out overarching principles that will apply and to which local contingency arrangements must adhere.

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Renewal of Teaching Council registration

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TUI members are reminded that many teachers are due to renew their registration with the Teaching Council at this time of year. If your registration is due for renewal at the end of March then you will have received communication from the Teaching Council in the last month or so.  It is vital that you renew your registration before the deadline as failure to do so can result in difficulties regarding payroll as well as sometimes leading to teachers having to repeat the entire process.  If you have not yet renewed your registration, and if it is due this month, then please renew immediately.  Re-registration can be processed at:

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