Update on Droichead for NQTs

By piofficer, Thursday, 14th January 2021 | 0 comments

Please note that NQTs currently engaged in Droichead can continue the process remotely with the agreement of the school/PST members. The NIPT's Guidance on Remote Learning 2020-2021 can be accessed at this link:


Additional Transitionary Arrangements:

The Teaching Council is currently putting in place additional arrangements for any NQT who may be unable to continue to engage in the Droichead process due to the move to remote learning. Once approved, the arrangements will be published on the Council's website and NQTs engaged in Droichead contacted. 

Closing Date for Droichead Applications: 

Please note that 19th March 2021 will be the last day for applying for Droichead in this school year. Most Post-Primary teachers would need to apply the previous week if their school adheres to the standard school holidays as they would possibly not have the required 200 hours.

Form Ds:

The Teaching Council are receiving a significant number of incomplete or incorrectly filled Form Ds. This obviously adds to the processing time as the forms are rejected and returned for correction. In the next few days, the Teaching Council is going to issue communications identifying the top five reasons for rejecting and returning Form Ds.   


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