Joint TUI, ASTI and INTO campaign to end pay inequality

By piofficer, Wednesday, 25th November 2020 | 0 comments

The TUI, ASTI and INTO have been liaising closely in advance of any public sector pay talks, with a view to progressing our shared campaign to end the pay discrimination affecting those employed since 1st January 2011.  

We now seek your support for an intensive lobby of public representatives. 

The current public service agreement – the PSSA – will end on 31st December. We need to make sure that our politicians are left in no doubt that our members will not countenance another year during which pay inequality prevails. 

We ask each TUI member to contact government politicians from their constituency within the next week to ask them to commit to the resolution of this gross inequality in the next public sector pay deal. 

Please encourage all members to contact their local TDs in the coming days and deliver in the strongest terms the message that pay inequality must end. 

Click here for a letter from the Presidents of TUI, ASTI and INTO that has been sent to all workplaces and Branches. 

Click here for contact details of Government party TDs 

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