TUI members emphatically reject Lansdowne Road Agreement

By piofficer, Thursday, 15th October 2015 | 0 comments

TUI members have emphatically rejected the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) by a margin of 92% on a turnout of over 59%.

Speaking today, TUI President Gerry Quinn said:

‘This ballot result represents an unequivocal rejection of the Lansdowne Road Agreement by TUI members.’

‘A number of key concerns of TUI members are not addressed.’

‘The proposals fail to move towards any further restoration of the pre-2011 salary scales for new and recent entrants to the profession. TUI is completely opposed to the existing differentiated pay scales that discriminate against younger teachers. There are no new measures to address the crisis of low pay and insecure employment.  One third of TUI members at second level (and up to half of those under 35) are in temporary/part time employment, with many suffering income poverty as a result.’

‘Research shows that our members in Institutes of Technology are experiencing high levels of work related stress as a result of the unacceptably high workload imposed on lecturers over recent years. Consequently, students are experiencing larger class sizes and less one-to-one attention. This imposition is disproportionate, unfair and unsustainable. It is completely unacceptable that it would continue as part of the new proposals.’

‘At second level, teachers are frustrated and disillusioned by the increasing bureaucratic and administrative workload that is deflecting teachers away from our real work.’

‘Other elements of the agreement would require commitment to a ‘reform agenda’ that could threaten the working conditions of teachers and lecturers. In addition, members could be forced to implement unacceptable change pending binding arbitration.’

‘The union’s executive committee will discuss the ballot outcome on Friday.’

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