Text of motion on pay equality passed under Rule 22 - same motion also passed by ASTI and INTO

By piofficer, Tuesday, 3rd April 2018 | 0 comments

Congress notes the report presented to the Oireachtas on 16th March, in accordance with Section 11 of the Public Service Pay and Pensions Act 2017.

Congress further notes that the Report

  • restates the terms of the PSSA
  • contains a global costing for the removal of the two additional points that were added to new entrant salary scales
  • shows that this costing amounts to less than 2% of the public service pay bill for 2018
  • neither constitutes a commitment by government to pay equality nor addresses the additional, disproportionate layers of pay cuts that were applied to new entrant teachers
  • provides no guidance towards a fair and sustainable resolution of the injustice of pay inequality
  • anticipates “further engagement over the coming months” 

Accordingly, Congress demands that the proposed engagement must

  • commence in April 2018 and conclude by early May 2018 and
  • have the capacity to achieve a resolution of all aspects of pay inequality

Congress agrees that any proposals that may emerge in respect of a resolution of the issues relating to pay inequality will be put to members in a ballot at the earliest practicable time.

Congress requires that, in the event of continuing failure by government fully to engage to resolve the issues or in the event of failure to resolve the issues in the engagement, a campaign of industrial action, up to and including strike action, as mandated by members will be pursued, where possible in conjunction with the other teacher unions.

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