NEW – pay subs/arrears via Paypal


TUI members can now pay their subscription through Paypal, a free, trusted and secure service. PayPal guarantees 100% protection against unauthorized payments from your account.

PayPal lets people send money to each other's email addresses. At no time will either party see the other's credit card or bank information.

Anyone can use PayPal if they have a valid credit or debit card; you don’t need to sign up for a PayPal account if you don’t wish to (although it makes the process quicker if you would like to use PayPal again). For further information, or for any query regarding a payment made with PayPal, please go to

To ensure that the funds paid in are correctly attributed to the right member it is necessary for us to provide you with a reference number. This can be obtained by ringing Maria Malone on 01-4922588 or emailing When you are given your reference number, enter it below, along with your school name and address and click ‘pay now’. You will then be brought to the PayPal page where you have the option of logging in to your account or simply entering your credit card details.

NB: you must have a reference number to use this service.