National ballot of TUI members - WRC proposal

Update - 30th September 2022 

In a national ballot, TUI members have voted by a margin of 85% to 15% to accept the WRC proposal arising from the review of the Building Momentum Agreement. 

TUI will now bring the result to a meeting of the ICTU Public Services Committee on Friday, 7th October.

What does the WRC proposal provide for? 

The proposal provides for the following pay increases: 

3% backdated to 2nd February 2022 

2% from 1st March 2023 and  

1.5% or €750 (whichever is greater) from 1st October 2023 

Additionally, a 1% increase is payable from 1st October 2022 under the original Building Momentum Agreement and for some TUI grades, the sectoral bargaining process for the 1% due from 1st February 2022 has not been finalised.  For further detail, click here for the TUI News ballot special that issued earlier this month

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