Junior Cycle results: TUI congratulates ‘resilient’ students 

By piofficer, Wednesday, 18th October 2023 | 0 comments

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) congratulates all students receiving their Junior Cycle results today.   

The Union commends students for the resilience that they have displayed after the disruption to their studies caused by the pandemic.     

TUI has also stated that Senior Cycle reform must be educationally sound and properly resourced.  
Speaking today, TUI President David Waters said:    

‘Congratulations to all students receiving their Junior Cycle results today. This cohort of students would have endured disruption their studies as a result of COVID-19 and should be commended for the resilience they have shown.’   

‘It is also important today to acknowledge the encouragement and support of parents and guardians and the dedication of teachers over the duration of the Junior Cycle years.’   

‘As always, we urge students to be careful and responsible in their celebrations.’

Senior Cycle change must be positive, coherently-devised and properly resourced    

‘Teachers are always in favour of positive, coherently-devised change that enhances the education service.’  

‘In this regard, we welcomed the announcement by Minister Foley in relation to the shelving of plans for teachers to mark their own students for state certification purposes, a move we believe would have been educationally regressive.’   

‘Like other stakeholders, we believe that stress and pressure should be reduced for students wherever possible. Second components of assessment such as project, oral and practical work that assess skills and competencies that cannot be assessed in a written exam are a significant positive.’    

‘Overall, ongoing engagement and consultation that recognises and acknowledges the voice of the practitioners is required to ensure that future Senior Cycle change is educationally sound and, crucially, does not increase pressure on students.    

Teacher recruitment and retention crisis affects student experience   

‘Teacher recruitment and retention problems limit subject choice and often see students taught subjects by a succession of teachers across both Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. This is absolutely unacceptable in 2023. We once again urge the Department of Education to engage meaningfully with us to tackle this crisis.’