Full, permanent jobs required to tackle teacher recruitment and retention crisis 

By piofficer, Tuesday, 15th August 2023 | 0 comments

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has said that second-level teachers must be provided with full-time, permanent jobs when they commence employment in order to tackle the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.

The union said that measures so far introduced by the Department of Education will do little to tackle the current problems.

Speaking today, TUI General Secretary Michael Gillespie said that the Department of Education must implement real and effective measures if it is serious about tackling the crisis.

‘A survey of over 1,300 of our members carried out earlier this year found that of those appointed in recent years, only 31% received a full-time job upon initial appointment. Just 13% were offered a permanent position upon initial appointment, while it took a third of respondents more than three years to secure a contract of full hours receiving full pay.’   

‘This is simply unsustainable if we are to keep teachers in front of classrooms, particularly in a cost-of-living crisis. Teachers cannot exist on fractions of a job, and it is hardly surprising that so many of our excellent, highly qualified graduates are migrating to other employments or to take up teaching posts in jurisdictions where they feel properly valued.’

In addition, posts of responsibility must be restored to pre-cutback levels. These middle-management positions ensure the smooth running of schools while providing promotional opportunities for teachers which would greatly help boost retention. Unilaterally cut by Government in 2009, they have never been fully restored. In our survey of members last year, only 18% disagreed with a statement that they would be more likely to remain in the profession if more Assistant Principal posts became available in their schools.'