Urgent message regarding Teaching Council registration

By piofficer, Friday, 1st February 2019 | 0 comments

Meeting Conditions which expired on 1 February 2019


Teachers who hold conditional registration which expired on 1 February 2019 have been contacted by the Teaching Council regarding their registrations. If you are one of these teachers please do not delay in engaging with the Council and supplying the required documentation. Otherwise you will lapse from the Register of Teachers and you will not be eligible to receive a State-funded salary. Also once re-registered backdating for periods of non-registration is not permissible under the law.


If you have met your conditions, fill out the correct form and submit to the Council. If you have not completed your conditions, you must complete and submit an Extension Request Form with the required supporting documentation immediately. The deadline for receipt of documentation is 11 February 2019.


If you need clarification please email conditions@teachingcouncil.ie and include your registration number on all correspondence.


NOTE for Teachers with PQE outstanding: Teachers who work as substitutes and have the condition of Post-qualification Employment (PQE) may fulfil the condition across multiple post-primary schools and can submit multiple Form Bs indicating that they have met the 300 hour requirement. Teachers who completed a recognised induction period overseas e.g. registered as a proficient teacher in NSW, Australia can use this induction period to meet the Council's requirement. If teachers are unsure if they meet the requirement, they should submit their queries by email to the address above.

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