TUI's FAQs on the Re-opening of Higher Education Institutions

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Please be advised of the following contained within the TUI FAQs which are of particular importance:

  • Mask wearing is required by all staff and students while indoors on campuses other than when there is a certified medical rationale for not doing so
  • In the context of the Delta variant, ventilation is of utmost importance. In this regard, there must be a risk assessment completed on every teaching and communal space carried out by a sufficiently competent person or company~
  • Risk assessments must be available to staff in a form, manner and, as appropriate, language that is reasonably likely to be understood

Where the 2m social distancing cannot be maintained the following steps should be implemented in sequence:

  • There should be local engagement with staff and staff trade unions
  • Management should already have conducted a risk assessment to establish how best to mitigate the reduction from 2 metres (i.e. other measures, including ventilation, quality of masks required, etc.) and the TUI Branch (and members) must insist that this risk assessment is made available and explained in layperson’s terms
  • If the local TUI Branch cannot resolve issues locally with management, then the matter should be referred to the TUI Head Office Official with responsibility for your branch who will forward it to the POSITS Group at national level for discussion/resolution.

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