TUI/Cornmarket Wellness Webinar – Weds, 21st October, 5pm

By piofficer, Thursday, 15th October 2020 | 0 comments

Cornmarket recently undertook a short survey of TUI members to evaluate the effect that the pandemic has had on their working lives. The results show that over 70% have felt overwhelmed by managing change while 87% have felt nervous, anxious and on edge. 87% also fear bringing home the virus.

Members can be assured that the TUI is raising all arising issues with the Department of Education and the other stakeholders on an ongoing basis. We will not allow the health and safety of our members to be compromised.

Ahead of the upcoming mid-term break, and thanks to our sponsors, Cornmarket, who administer the TUI Income Continuance Plan, Professor Jim Lucey, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity and Fiona Foreman, former teacher, author and positive Psychology Practitioner have been enlisted to contribute to a wellness webinar for members.

They’ll provide practical tips on coping with the stress that is overwhelming the teaching community and ways for members to switch off over the midterm.

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