TUI response to publication of Kelly report

By piofficer, Monday, 27th July 2015 | 0 comments

TUI is opposed to the forced merger of Carlow IT and Waterford Institute of Technology.

Annette Dolan Deputy General Secretary Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) in responding to the publication of Michael Kelly’s 'Engagement and Consultation Process for a Technological University for the South-East' report, stated:

“The Teachers’ Union of Ireland is not opposed to the concept of a Technological University. However, we are opposed to forced mergers which may not even lead to Technological University Status.

Technological universities simply cannot happen on a shoestring. Significant additional funding is required if this process is to have any prospect of success. This must of course involve extensive and adequate consultation with all stakeholders with a view to reaching agreement. The unique missions of each Institute of Technology must be taken into account.  In addition, the provisions of the full range of QQI qualification levels from level six to level ten must continue.

TUI will consider the content of the report and will consult with our members in Carlow IT and Waterford Institute of Technology.”





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