TUI Global Development Fund applications - deadline of 17th November

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The TUI Global Development Fund was established with the distinct purpose of assisting educational, developmental and trade union projects in underdeveloped countries as approved by the Executive Committee from time to time.

€0.95 of each full member’s subscription is allocated to the fund.

Applications for donations from the TUI’s Global Development Fund are considered once a year at the November or December meeting of the Finance Sub-Committee and notification regarding successful applications will be posted shortly afterwards.  This year the TUI’s Global Development Fund will have over €20,000 at its disposal.

If you wish to apply for funding for a project you are involved in or support, please provide details of the project to Patricia Keating, Administrative Officer at  Due to the large number of applications received, a member may submit only one application.

Applications must be submitted by 5.00 p.m. on 17th November 2021.

While the amount donated to each project is modest, the feedback we receive from the various recipients indicates that your funding of these projects has a significant impact and is greatly appreciated.  There is an added advantage in that the money donated from the TUI Global Development Fund goes directly to the projects concerned. 

TUI’s Global Development Fund can make a real difference to worthy causes at ground level and members are encouraged to nominate a chosen project before the closing date.

Last year a total of 8 projects received a contribution from the TUI’s Global Development Fund including:

Kate Lynch Scholarship Fund 
Education in Tanzania. In memory of former TUI President, Tom Hunt

Nepal Leprosy Trust
Funding of education/training for children of leprosy sufferers

HIRN Palestine 
Creation of a playground for the As-Simiya primary school (West Bank)

Harambee Scholarship Fund 
Sponsoring children from Mukuru, Kenya to attend secondary school

Friends Orphanage School
Houses and educates HIV positive and vulnerable children in Uganda

Little Sisters of St. Joseph
To aid a vocational education centre in Tanzania Presentation Brothers and renovation of pre-school facility in a rural community in northern Ghana

The Greater Chernobyl Cause
Funding the building of orphanages in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

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