TUI and ASTI welcome reinstatement of value of Postgraduate Masters in Education (PME) allowance  

By piofficer, Monday, 5th September 2022 | 0 comments

For information - Click here for Circular 59/2022

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) and the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland (ASTI) have welcomed the overdue publication of the circular letter confirming payment of the value of the Professional Masters in Education (PME) allowance (formerly HDip Allowance) - value currently €1,314 annually - to those teachers appointed since February 2012.  

The two unions had publicly demanded urgent resolution of this issue, criticising the unacceptable delay in payment of this allowance to teachers who are already struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.   

Teachers who will benefit should note that the payment will be backdated to 1st February 2022 (or date of appointment as a teacher if later).   

In a hugely damaging cutback to the profession, the value of this and other allowances was withdrawn by Government for those appointed on or after 1st February 2012.  Since then, both unions have vigorously campaigned for its reinstatement. This regressive development proved to be the genesis of a teacher recruitment and retention problem that is now at crisis levels in second-level schools.   

Second-level teachers who are members of the TUI and ASTI sacrificed a general 1% pay increase payable on 1st February 2022 under Building Momentum so that the equivalent funding would allow reinstatement of the value of the PME allowance for those teachers appointed since February 2012.   

TUI President Liz Farrell said: “We had vigorously demanded the urgent payment of the value of this allowance, which had been agreed several months ago. Given the cost-of-living crisis, focus must now turn to providing teachers with secure jobs of full hours in order make teaching a viable and sustainable career.”

ASTI President Miriam Duggan said: “It brings equal pay a step closer for this cohort of teachers who have suffered this injustice for almost a decade. It is regrettable that teachers have had to resolve this issue by taking money out of their own pockets.”