Salary scale adjustment for post-January 2011 entrants

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From 1st March 2019, two scale points (4 and 8) will be removed from the various post-1st January 2011 ‘new entrant’ scales, meaning that new and recent entrants will progress up the scale quicker.

The implications of the measure vary, depending on grade and career stage of a member.

TUI members on post-1st January 2011 scales in the following grades will benefit:

  • Teachers paid from the Common Basic Scale
  • Assistant Lecturers
  • Youthreach Resource Persons  
  • BTEI Adult Educators
  • Adult Guidance Counsellors/Co-Ordinators
  • Adult Literacy Organisers
  • Community Education Facilitators

Click here for a document that sets out examples (calculated by TUI Head Office) of how the measure will benefit relevant members.

Failure of DPER to authorise implementation of measure in time ‘unacceptable’

TUI has expressed its concern at the failure to date of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) to issue a circular letter authorising implementation of the measure.

The TUI stated that its members voted to accept the measure in good faith and it is completely unacceptable that there would be any delay in its implementation. DPER has had several months to prepare for this change. The Union has sought urgent clarification from DPER and from the Department of Education and Skills on the matter.

TUI’s campaign will continue

Of course, of itself, the measure will not deliver pay equality and the TUI’s campaign will continue until full pay equality has been achieved.

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