Pink and Blue Power campaign to run again in 2022

By piofficer, Thursday, 20th January 2022 | 0 comments

TUI has teamed up with Cornmarket to roll out a potentially life-saving breast and prostate health assessment and education campaign, for the second time, to thousands of members of the TUI Income Continuance Plan.    

The Pink and Blue Power campaign was first launched in 2018, in response to the high level of cancer claims in the TUI Income Continuance Plan, and in recognition that 1 in 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, while 1 in 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer*.

The programme will be rolled out nationwide, on an area-by-area basis, from February 2022 with a focus on specific age groups; women age 30 – 49 and men aged 40 – 65**. The aim is to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of these common cancers and provide members with vital education and the opportunity for a once-off clinical physical exam. 

The initial GP/doctor appointment only takes 15 minutes and covers: 

  • A clinical physical breast/prostate examination
  • Education on signs and symptoms of breast/prostate cancer
  • How to perform a breast exam (for women)
  • PSA Blood test for men (to measure Prostate Specific Antigen)
  • Personal report with clinical findings.

If further investigation is required, members are referred to Beaumont Private Clinic, or a participating Bon Secours Private Hospital for a consultation, scanning and, in a small cohort, a biopsy, if necessary.

The 2018 programme was a huge success:  

  • Almost 1,000 members booked the GP appointment
  • A huge increase in awareness was recorded
  • 90% said they were more confident to self-check after Pink Power
  • Just over 200 members were sent for further tests (cancer was detected in two members as a result)***.

One TUI member said; “I required surgery so the campaign was of great benefit to me. Literally saved my life.”****

Being vigilant makes a difference. Pink & Blue Power can help save lives so if you get an invitation, we strongly encourage you to book.

For more information, visit

Pink & Blue Power is a benefit of the TUI Income Continuance Plan. Not a member of the Scheme yet? Visit for more on benefits and how to apply.

*Statistics from Breast Cancer Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society. **BreastCheck, the national breast screening programme, is available to women over age 50. Pink Power is not a screening programme. ***Clinical numbers from Full Health Medical, Beaumont Private Clinic & Bon Secours Private Hospitals, 2018 – 2019. ****Quote taken from Cornmarket survey of TUI members.

This programme is brought to members by Cornmarket on behalf of the Plan underwriter. Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. is a member of the Irish Life Group Ltd. which is part of the Great-West Lifeco Group of companies. The TUI Income Continuance Plan is underwritten by New Ireland. New Ireland Assurance Company plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. A member of Bank of Ireland Group.