Pay discrimination ballot - Defend the profession, make sure you vote 'YES'

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A TUI News Ballot Special has already issued to workplaces. Click here to download.

Ballot papers will be posted on Monday, September 16th. The deadline for return of completed ballot papers to the auditors is 5pm, Thursday, October 10th.

Please take a few moments to watch a video message from TUI President Seamus Lahart below.

What are you being asked?
At Annual Congress 2019, the TUI reiterated its unwavering commitment to prosecuting the campaign for pay equality to a fair and sustainable conclusion.

In the context of TUI’s continuing campaign, you are being asked if you are willing to engage in a range of industrial action measures (e.g. work-to-rule, non-cooperation, withdrawal from various initiatives), up to and including strike action, as directed by the Executive Committee?

What is the TUI Executive Committee recommending?
The Executive Committee strongly recommends that you vote ‘YES’.

Why is the TUI Executive Committee recommending that you vote ‘YES’?
A ‘YES’ vote is an act of solidarity with your “new entrant” colleagues and a defence of the profession. As educators and trade unionists, we must defend our profession and support our colleagues and friends who ask for no more than equal treatment.

How will this mandate be used?
By returning a strong mandate, you will be strengthening the Union’s position in its campaign and sending a clear message to Government and to other unions. The Union’s Executive Committee will, be strategic in its exercise of the mandate. In this context, the likelihood of a General Election in the near future may be significant.  

When will the ballot take place?
Ballot papers will issue on Monday, September 16th, 2019. Completed ballot papers must be returned (in the envelopes provided) to the Union’s auditors, Deloitte, by 5pm on Thursday, October 10th 2019.

***Please post completed papers as early as possible to ensure that they reach the auditors before the deadline***

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