November 2020 Examinations

By PIOfficer, Thursday, 29th October 2020 | 0 comments

After several enquiries from members, to the effect that the November examinations have been cancelled, the TUI contacted the State Examinations Commission(SEC) who have categorically refuted such an assertion. The SEC confirmed to the TUI that the Government has set out that the measures which came into effect, under Level 5 on the Government’s Plan for Living with COVID-19, on 21 October for 6 weeks, are being taken to protect national priorities and this includes keeping schools open.

The 2020 examinations, which will commence on 16th November and run until 11th December, will be conducted through the network of post-primary schools and other venues recognised by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) to hold the certificate examinations. 

The SEC stated that its clear plan and intention is that the examinations will proceed as planned in November, with schools provided with the required supports to allow the examinations to be held.  Candidates will take their examinations in the school or setting at which they were scheduled to sit the June 2020 examinations, had those examinations proceeded.

The SEC has been in communication with schools and other providers about the November examinations.  Most recently (on 22 October), the SEC provided all schools with a report of their examination entries and with further details of the arrangements that schools are empowered to put in place to support the delivery of these examinations in schools.  

The SEC will be providing the relevant personnel in schools with further instructions on arrangements for the delivery of these examinations, as needed, in advance of the commencement date of the examinations. 

Provided that schools remain open, the SEC will be running the Leaving Certificate and, for a very small cohort,  Junior Cycle examinations, commencing on the 16 November as intended.

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