Members with underlying conditions/illness – Important update on OHS Risk Assessments 

By piofficer, Thursday, 27th August 2020 | 0 comments

Further to concerns raised by the TUI, the Minister for Education and Skills, Norma Foley, has written to the Union to confirm that any member who has concerns in relation to how the Occupational Health Service (i.e. Medmark) has categorised their underlying condition/illness will have access to a review by an internal team of occupational health specialists. 

The purpose of the review is to ensure that the categorisation is in line with public health advice, for example, Very High Risk or High Risk. 

As part of the review, members will be allowed to submit additional supporting information from their medical advisors. 

 This is welcomed by the TUI.  However, we have sought and are still awaiting clarification on: 

  • the procedure for requesting the review 
  • how the review will transact, in practice and 
  • the method of supplying supporting documentation

We will keep members updated on these critical issues.   

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