Government decision regarding 2021 State Examinations Outline of Arrangements – more detail will follow

By piofficer, Thursday, 18th February 2021 | 0 comments

Details on the arrangements for State Examinations 2021 can be found here 

Consultation with members

The announcement by the Minister ( will no doubt generate many questions and observations from members in relation to the Leaving Certificate Examinations, the SEC-Accredited Grades process and the cancellation of the Junior Cert examinations.

With a view to centralising and collating these questions and observations, we have set up a dedicated email address.  To facilitate a quick response it is important that you include your workplace or branch in the subject line when contacting this address–

All queries received will be forwarded to your Area Representative/Official and will feed into an FAQ document that will be compiled and uploaded to the TUI website and social media.

Additional information 

Please note that the TUI remains in consultation with the DES on a range of issues and more advice/documentation is expected within the next few days

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