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By piofficer, Monday, 11th May 2020 | 0 comments

As you will be aware, the Minister for Education and Skills announced the postponement of the 2020 Leaving Certificate on Friday, with students to be offered the option of receiving Calculated Grades for the subjects they are studying and the alternative of sitting the 2020 Leaving Certificate examinations.

On Friday evening, the Executive Committee of the TUI decided to engage with Calculated Grades to allow students to progress to the next stage of their education or to employment.

At all times, the Union stated that its clear preference was that the written examinations would be staged, but that the health and safety of students, teachers and the wider public was paramount.

TUI is engaged with the Department of Education and Skills in relation to Calculated Grades and is seeking urgent and comprehensive clarification across a range of issues. Detailed FAQs will be placed on this website as soon as is possible.

Click here for the Union’s initial response following Friday’s Executive Committee meeting

Click here for a TUI statement calling for protocols to ensure that no teacher is put under undue or inappropriate pressure in relation to Calculated Grades

Click here for the Department’s Guide to Calculated Grades

Click here for the Department’s FAQs on Calculated Grades

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