Calculated Grades Appeals - Return of Data: Too little time - Too much work

By piofficer, Thursday, 10th September 2020 | 0 comments

Appeals Process – Clarification

CL59/2020 has issued to schools and section 8 states that ‘To ensure that the appeals process can be streamlined to the greatest possible degree, schools must return all of the documentation related to the data collection and data entry stages of the in-school phase of Calculated Grades.

That is  

  • All forms A, B and C. (Forms D have already been returned)  
  • All of the forms printed from the Data Collection application in June including the sign-off by the Principal  
  • Any data reconciliation sheets (in cases where the CGEO made changes on behalf of the school after the data collection process had concluded).’  

To facilitate the return of the materials, a special pre-addressed envelope has been sent to schools. 

The return date set for this was Friday, 11th September which, TUI made clear, was virtually impossible considering the current workload in schools. The documentation has to be sorted by subject, level and class ID with the Principal‘s Sign-off form on top. This is a huge volume of work to be completed over a short period of time. Clearly, the current priority of the school community is keeping schools open and being compliant with COVID-19 policies and procedures. 

The TUI immediately raised this issue with the Department of Education and Skills and following these representations can report that an extension of the return date to Tuesday, 15th September has been granted. The Department will allow a paid Examination Aide for one day to facilitate the work in the school. 

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