Budget 2020 another missed opportunity for Irish education

By piofficer, Tuesday, 8th October 2019 | 0 comments

TUI’s initial response to Budget 2020. Comments from TUI President Seamus Lahart.

‘Budget 2020 falls far short of the additional investment required to provide positive, transformative change for the education system.

Schools and colleges will continue to struggle with the legacy of an era of austerity, the effects of which still inflict damage on the educational experience of students and on the teaching profession, not least on the careers of new and recently qualified teachers and lecturers.

Ireland’s spending on education needs to be put in its proper context. Last month’s OECD Education At A Glance report highlighted that only two of the countries listed spend a lower proportion of national wealth on education than Ireland. The situation at second level is worse again, with Ireland rock bottom of the pile with just 1.2% of national wealth spent on the sector compared to the OECD and European averages of 2% and 1.9%.

Investment in education pays dividends in terms of better quality jobs and increased revenue from taxation and social contributions. It also provides the individual and their dependents with vastly better life prospects. It is hugely regrettable that once again the country’s policymakers have failed to harness this potential.’

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