Ballot papers on ‘new entrant’ pay proposal will issue today

By piofficer, Tuesday, 9th October 2018 | 0 comments

TUI members are currently being balloted on a proposal on ‘new entrant’ pay that issued on September 24th 2018 following engagement with unions and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

The proposal provides for the removal of two increments (4 and 8) from the various post- 1st January scales from 1st March 2019, meaning that newer entrants will progress up the scale quicker.

All members are being balloted as the proposal has implications for all members.


Ballot papers will issue to TUI members on Tuesday, 9th October.

Click here for a comprehensive TUI News ballot special that will also issue in hard copy to all schools, centres and colleges on Tuesday, 9th October.

The Union has said that while the proposal represents further movement, it won’t deliver pay equality. The Union is not issuing a recommendation to members on whether to accept or reject the proposal.

The Union’s Executive Committee decided that members should be provided with comprehensive information on all aspects of the proposal so that they can make their own considered decision on its acceptability or otherwise.

The Executive Committee noted that the proposal has varying implications, depending on grade and career stage.


Ballot papers must be returned by 5pm on October 25th and the ballot result should be known by October 26th.

The Union stated that irrespective of the ballot outcome, its campaign will continue until pay equality has been delivered.

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