Additional advice for members re Calculated Grades

By piofficer, Wednesday, 13th May 2020 | 0 comments

As you know, the TUI and ASTI are currently engaged in intensive discussions with the Department of Education and Skills, the State Examinations Commission and the national management bodies regarding implementation of the system of Calculated Grades for final year Leaving Certificate students (LCE, LCVP and LCA).

Arising from these discussions, detailed national guidance will issue shortly to teachers and schools.

Pending issue of that national guidance, members of the TUI, regardless of grade,

  • must not commence the process of estimating marks
  • must not devise local arrangements that seek to anticipate the guidance (and that may prove not to be in line with the guidance)

Members must also bear in mind that, as part of the intensive discussions, a centralised system is being prepared to allow students to confirm/change the level at which they are entered for subjects. No local arrangements are to be put in place regarding the choice of levels.

If school management locally is seeking to have the process of estimating marks commence prior to issue of the guidance, please advise that this is premature and may compromise the process. In any event, members of the TUI should politely decline an invitation to be involved.

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